Frank Childers, founder & president

Our Value: Helping You Create High Performance Revenue Results

Trelogos Management is a consulting firm with practical emphasis in the areas of strategy and decision making. We are dedicated to helping our clients work through challenging decisions in a highly competitive environment.  In addition, our clients achieve consistent, reliable, and measurable sales performance improvement. Typical clients historically outperform previous results by a minimum factor of 2:1.

At Trelogos, we believe in getting results. Ideas, techniques, and theories can come from anyone.  Trelogos is different.  Trelogos has created what our clients say is a powerful and proven sales management system, along with the most experienced and knowledgeable sales consultants in the industry—to help our clients make a measurable revenue difference in their organizations.

Trelogos helps achieve these results through a suite of highly targeted, integrated service offerings, which include:

  • An executive leadership strategy assessment process that replaces the tired and ineffective charade of MBA-school models of “strategic planning.”
  • A high-performance sales productivity training methodology that moves beyond product knowledge to engage and align with the business value and political dimensions of client decision making and partner selection.
  • A suite of integrated sales training offerings, including:
  1. STRATEGY, The Art of Winning
  2. MANAGEMENT, Coaching Results
  3. BATTLEPLAN, Opportunity Management
  4. MARKETING, Aligning Strategies