Frank is a thoughtful, discerning and strategic leader. He quickly understands the key areas that drive results and the issues that must be resolved to achieve success. Frank is a gifted coach and mentor for high potential executives. His ability to integrate into a group and energize the team is truly unique. Honesty and integrity are two core values that comprise the foundation of Frank’s character.

Jim Greenwood, CEO of Concentra, Dallas, Texas


“I’ve known Frank for 15 years.  In that time he’s impressed me with both his business acumen and his personal integrity.  Frank has a deep, working knowledge of strategic sales process and sales productivity.  He also has a unique ability to communicate to others how to build successful selling organizations.”

Rod Favaron, CEO Lombardi Software. Austin, Texas


“I’ve had Frank do several seminars for our organization and his leadership ability comes across in every setting I’ve seen him in. He is a great communicator and motivates the troops by both his knowledge and passion. His heart for both business and people allows him to impact his sphere in positive ways beyond the bottom line. I highly recommend him as a consultant in the areas of Business Strategy, Organizational Accountability, Sales and Leadership.” February 17, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Paul Barger, Priority Associates, Austin, Texas
hired Frank as a Business Consultant in 2000, and hired Frank more than once


“Frank is a high integrity, senior executive with outstanding communication skills. Frank has a particularly keen acumen in the areas of Leadership, Organizational Structures, Business Strategy and Sales Process and Productivity . I would recommend Frank and Trelogos Management if an organization is looking at challenges in any of these business areas.” February 16, 2009

Phil Bishop, President and CEO, Pyxis Technology
was with another company when working with Frank at Trelogos Management


“Frank is an impressive executive that is able to assimilate complex issues into a well thought out strategic roadmap. He is a great communicator, team player, and consistently demonstrates the highest level of integrity. Frank brings a breadth of experience across different industries to understand business, technical, and organizational challenges. He would be an outstanding addition to any team at the executive level and would contribute to all strategic and operational decisions.” January 12, 2009

Jim Bailey, Chief Operating Officer, Alchip Technologies, Inc
was with another company when working with Frank at Silicon Integration Initiative


“It has been my privilege to know Frank Childers for the past 30 plus years and have worked with him in Board Leadership roles. Frank has unique skills in understanding complex issues and communicating them in clear, productive solutions. When you work with Frank, his easy going manner is helpful to build bridges and find solutions to complex business challenges.  I would say Frank is one of the men I personally have known that conducts his personal and professional life with the highest level of integrity. I would also say with full confidence, Frank will add significant value to any task and bring about a positive result from his engagement with the client’s needs. Bob J. Grabow CEO Grabow & Associates, Inc.,  grabow@grabow.biz www.grabow.biz” February 13, 2009

Bob Grabow, Owner, Grabow & Associates Inc.
was with another company when working with Frank at Trelogos Management


“Frank will make an outstanding consultant. I have known and worked with Frank since the early 1980’s at three different corporations across America, and he brought excellence, dedication and results to every assignment. I will be looking for opportunities for our two consulting companies to cooperate on projects going forward.” February 17, 2009

Russ Henke, VP & General Manager, Mentor Graphics Corporation
managed Frank indirectly at Mentor Graphics


“Frank understands the key details of the selling process from the account level to the senior executive level. His hands-on style has been the key to getting results quickly and sustainability. Combined with his deep understanding of complex technologies has provided Frank the basis to fulfill the roles of coach, consultant and trusted advisor.” February 12, 2009

David Skillern, VP & Division General Manager, Mentor Graphics
worked directly with Frank at Mentor Graphics