Does your sales process improve “hit rate,” reduce the sales cycle and grow deal size while improving forecast accuracy?  If not, you are likely suffering from the “quote and hope” syndrome found across the market today.  In partnership with Valkyrie Consulting Group and founder, Art Jacobs, we offer a full range of strategic sales training options that are second to none.


Are you suffering the consequences of poor decisions, or worse yet no decisions, from your executives and managers?  If so, you’re not alone as leadership has become the lost art in business today.  Many companies have abdicated to a consensus management culture because leaders are so difficult to find and attract.  We have been nurturing and developing leaders for clients for over twenty years.  Leadership can become the hallmark of your venture and your bottom line will benefit from the decisive results.


Does your company suffer from “silo thinking” and sub-optimized behavior that is characteristic of a group of individuals?  Would your venture/group appreciate the top-line and bottom-line benefits of developing a team culture and team behaviors?  Trelogos Management has broad experience in transforming individuals (or even work groups) into high-functioning teams.  The passion for team behaviors and team success runs deep inside and the results have been evident after every engagement.